The Heart of It features one sexy Lieutenant Commander Dakota Trace Hampton who is hellbent on getting his daughter back after he returns home to find out is little girl is stuck in foster care. Here’s a look at how his meeting with the foster mother sets the stage for the tumultuous set of changes ahead.


“Oh, please come in. Bailey is sleeping right now, but come in;” she took a step back and allowed him inside her home. “Nobody told me you were back yet. I was hoping you were okay. I don’t know how military wives do it you know. Anyway, it’s good you’re home.”

“And you took my kid.” He heard the sharp toxic tone to his voice. He didn’t mean to be angry, but he was. Lilith Grover, Lil to everybody who knew her, was a woman he hadn’t seen since the wedding and Jena’s home redecorating days. She didn’t look happy about the wedding. Her bestie, as they called themselves, marrying this military man had obviously been a sore spot with her too. He fought for this country and they, people like her and Jena’s parents, could still think he was lower than dirt.

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