Keeping in line with Friday’s postings here is a list of some Black female authors. Some of them write IR so if you are looking for IR books you will find some with these authors.

First I’ll start with me :).

Netherland St. James

Dahlia Rose

Tressie Lockwood

Capri Montgomery

Brenda Jackson

Rochelle Allers

Clearly there are many more but those are just a few that I have spent time reading.

Dahlia Rose’s Calendar Men (don’t tell my mother) has a few good books that I have read in it. Of course there is something hot about military men in books.

The Brenda Jackson books I have are in print with only one in e-book format but it’s all good so buy what works for you. I think I have only read one IR type book with an NAI man and a black woman, but her work is still on my read list when a book that interest me comes to my attention.

Rochelle Allers for me are the print books. I don’t have any e-books but you can get them if you prefer e-book. Just like Brenda Jackson I think I have only read one vaguely IR book from her but I have not read all of her work.

Capri Montgomery’s Men of Action was pretty good and I like her sci-fi romance mix too. IR romance with steam is a good thing.

Tressie Lockwood I have only read one of her books but found it enjoyable to read.

I don’t think I forgot anybody in that little bit of information. In keeping with the theme of these two recent posts, if you know any other black female writers please leave a comment down below because I might not know about them and others might not either.