…Write it the way you want to.

The Worlds You Build

  • Your characters are moderately sane.
  • Your characters are not sleeping with everything with two legs and a penis, or a vagina whichever is your choice.
  • Your characters aren’t so dysfunctional that misery is their middle name.

That’s fine. There is nothing wrong with writing characters that reflect the world you surround yourself with. Not every book needs the male slut or female whore. Not every book needs characters that seem as if they still don’t know how to live without a manual painted out for them.

This is your story and as a story teller you should write it the way you see it, not the way everybody else wants you to see it.

Are you building a world that people can fall into, love the characters and want to know how things turn out for them? Is their love that can make the reader root for the leading man and the leading lady? Do you believe in these characters strongly enough to invite others into the world they live in?

If your answer is yes then keep writing it. If you think you need to change some things to build the solid story you crave then take a look at your work and see what you would change if you were just picking this book up off the shelf to read.

Most of all, have fun with writing, remember to keep your voice in your work, and release the best work that you could craft.