Three brothers, three stories, steamy scenes that take you from the dance floor to the kitchen, to the office desk.

Flirting with Danger is the second book in the three book combo pack that follows the eldest brother, Diego Louis Sánchez Castro and Julie’s friend Juniper Logan, Juni to her friends. Will Julie and Cruz’s matchmaking scheme pay off for the two people they care about, or will Cupid’s bow go astray?

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~ Excerpt ~

“So, did you like what you saw?” Miguel looked at him as if he were trying to read him. His brothers always tried to read him. Fortunately for Diego he had become good at erecting the mask of stone to cover his emotions.

He shrugged. “Did you send her up there to meet me or something? I usually have that pool to myself this time of morning.”

Miguel shook his head. “She only came for the pool. Kim said she had the look of ecstasy on her face when she opened the doors and she saw it.”

“Juni,” he said. “Her name’s Juni.”

“Interesting,” Miguel didn’t sound very interested at all.

“It’s short for Juniper.”

“Who gave her that name?” He frowned.

“Her parents I would assume,” Diego nearly snorted. He didn’t see anything wrong with the name. Sure, it was different, but she was different. She had the most beautiful shade of green eyes he had seen on a woman. And her hair—when she released the tussled tresses, the barely there hint of a curl looked good on her. He had managed to have an instant image of what she would look like on top of him with that hair flowing loosely.

“Do you want me to keep her away from the pool so you can have it all to yourself?”

“It’s an open pool to members, Miguel.”

“I know, but you seemed upset about it.”

He wasn’t upset—or maybe he was. He was upset at the visceral reaction he had to that woman the moment he walked into the room and saw her body gliding through the water. She hadn’t even stopped when she did a turn to do another round so instead of standing there watching her he decided to jump in and join her. He hadn’t planned to compete with her, but since she seemed to constantly try to pick up the speed he stopped holding back and pacing himself to keep in track with her. He decided to swim like he always did. He could have been an Olympic swimmer himself with the speed he always had, but growing up he was the first child, his parents weren’t very well off at the time and he always felt a responsibility not to pressure them into giving him what he wanted. They didn’t have a pool, but they lived near a community center with one and that made it easy to swim. Then his dad came into a little money not long after Cruz was born and they moved into a home with a pool where he could swim.

“Nah, it’s fine. Just give me a heads up next time,” he didn’t want to seem too happy about the woman invading his pool this morning.

“I thought you could handle that part on your own,” Miguel winked before leaving him alone in his office.

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