Okay, don’t say I didn’t tell you. Two of my books are now enrolled in the Kindle Countdown so each of these books will be on sale for a limited amount of time. The first book is The Art of Deception.

The sale is slated to go from 9.26.15 – 9.29.15. The Art of Deception will be $0.99 for a limited time. Grab your copy while the sale is still going.

Art of Deception “Most people say thank you right about now.”

Viktor Mozarov is a SWAT officer with a rocky protection road ahead. If he could surive the bratty Mira Hillsberg he might just get through the forced upon him job and still keep his shield. But Mira isn’t going to make it easy for him especially once she decides she wants that big, masculine body pressed up against hers in more ways than one. “Cuff me officer” are the words on the tip of her tongue. Will Viktor be able to resist her pull or will he show her that tempting a man can get her more trouble than she thought.

The Art of Deception will be $0.99 for a limited time. Grab your copy while the sale is still going.

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With_Danger_Collection_coverThe second book on sale is With Danger. This is a collection of three stories in one book.

On sale now starting at .99 for a limited time. This book is part of the Kindle countdown promotion and the price will slowly make its way back up to the oringal list price of $4.50. Get your copy now while the deal is still hot.

~ With Danger Collection ~

Three brothers, three stories, steamy scenes that take you from the dance floor to the kitchen, to the office desk.

Dancing with Danger

Who says working out and staying in shape is boring? When Julie Crenshaw takes a Zumba class at her local gym the hot Latin instructor is heating up more than the dance floor. Julie is about to find out that shaking her behind on the dance floor can lead to a night of hot, passionate sex. Can she handle this fitness instructor or will his hot Latin seduction knock her off her feet?

Flirting with Danger

Flirting with Danger follows the eldest brother, Diego Louis Sánchez Castro and Julie’s friend Juniper Logan, Juni to her friends. Will Julie and Cruz’s matchmaking scheme pay off for the two people they care about, or will Cupid’s bow go astray?

Sleeping with Danger

Miguel Cruz Sánchez Castro might be the baby brother of the family, but he strongly feels as if he’s due some good love in his life, just as his brothers have found. The woman he takes a brief interest in seems off limits when he observes her at the gym. His wrong conclusion on the woman causes him to get off to the wrong start with her. And when he finds out that woman is none other than Julie and Juni’s friend Leslie he knows he has a rough road ahead of him. They’re partnered for his brother’s wedding and if he wants things to go smoothly he has to find a way to rectify their first meeting and convince Leslie he’s worth the chance.

It won’t be $0.99 for long so get your copy before it starts to make its way back up. The deal will still be going and the prices lower than the original so if you miss the lowest price there is still room for a discount.

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