Viktor Mozarov has encountered a lot working for SWAT but is Mira Hillsberg more than he can handle?

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Art of Deception

The First Meeting ~

“I never! And I do not have a tramp stamp as you can see.” She turned and lifted the shirt so he could see again. “Now, do tell me what you are going to do about the dead man on the floor. He can’t stay there.”

He gave off a fierce growl while Derek started laughing. She was not kidding. “That,” she pointed wildly; “could have anything and he’s leaking it all over my angora. He can’t stay.”

“Woman,” the one who called himself Viktor glared at her. “Do you not realize how serious this is?”

“That he’s leaking germs all over my floor? Yes, I find that serious.”

“You are the most snobbish woman—”

His partner cleared his throat. “Um, you two might want to kiss and make up because Viktor you do know you’re going to end up on protection duty.”

“Icky,” she wrinkled her nose. She would not kiss the big ape and make up anything. “I don’t need protection. I’m going. You can come find me—” She yelped as the big ape pushed her hard against the wall yanked one wrist behind her back and then the other before securing it with the cuffs.

He pushed his body flush against hers and she could feel his hot breath on her ear. “I can make this easy for you, or I can make this hard. Which way do you want it?”

He was a jerk—a big jerk. Her grandmother had warned her about men like this—“the bad men” is what she had called them. This was a bad man no matter what job he had. But what did that say about her since this bad man had heat rushing to areas of her body that hadn’t felt anything since her fiancé was killed?

“Cat got your tongue?”

“No,” she snapped. “I’m going to have my father get you fired.”

“Good luck with that, brat.”

“I’m not a brat.” Okay, so some might think she was a little spoiled, but she wasn’t. She was just a lot controlled and finally getting tired of it.

He pulled her so forcefully and pushed her down onto a chair that sat off from the dead body leaking all over her floor. “Brat and a snob, that’s what I see of you.”

“Look, I don’t need your protection. You just killed that guy.”

“He was the first but I can guarantee you he won’t be the last.”

She snorted. “Right? Too stupid to know the difference I guess.”

His eyes narrowed in anger. She was definitely pushing all his buttons. Something about that felt good. She had never pushed buttons before. She was always the dutiful daughter, the devoted fiancé, the woman who went into mourning and was never allowed out.

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