It’s My Sexy Saturday. This is the blog hop where participating authors post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words. For me it’s sentences. This week is All About Sexy so I am sharing seven sentences from Flirting with Danger. After reading mine be sure to click on the My Sexy Saturday link above to visit the other authors in the hop.

With_Danger_Collection_coverBlurb: Flirting with Danger follows the eldest brother, Diego Louis Sánchez Castro and Julie’s friend Juniper Logan, Juni to her friends. Will Julie and Cruz’s matchmaking scheme pay off for the two people they care about, or will Cupid’s bow go astray?

Setting the Scene: Flirting with Danger is part of the With Danger series following three brothers and the three women who can bring them to their needs. Each story varies in heat level, but all are steamy. In Flirting with Danger the leading lady is taking advantage of a free pass to a local hot-spot gym and using their Olympic size swimming pool. When a very handsome man approaches her after a heart pounding swim that she turned into a race she can barely catch her breath taking in how sexy this man was. What she doesn’t know is that the man standing in front of her is Diego Louis Sánchez Castro —the man her friend is trying to get her to like since she’s dating his brother. My seven in the My Sexy Saturday is their first meeting.

My 7:

As he walked with a brazen confidence towards her she couldn’t stop looking, and when he stopped in front of her and looked down upon her face she realized his eyes weren’t all that dark. He had a huge orb of dark brown almost black, but surrounding it was a steady rim of blue. Those were the most amazing eyes she had seen on a man in a long time. It wasn’t just the color, it was the look of them—pure confidence and sex and boy what she wouldn’t give to get to know him. Forget Diego, she wanted to know this man.

“Hello,” his voice was deep and seductive on just one word. Oh he could keep talking to her any day, all day.

To read more about these two and the other two brothers buy your copy of the With Danger collection which is available on Amazon now. Don’t forget to follow the My Sexy Saturday link above and check out the other authors in the hop.