It’s My Sexy Saturday. This is the blog hop where participating authors post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words. For me it’s sentences. This week is Something About Sexy so I am sharing seven sentences from Sleeping with Danger. After reading mine be sure to click on the My Sexy Saturday link above to visit the other authors in the hop.


Miguel Cruz Sánchez Castro might be the baby brother of the family, but he strongly feels as if he’s due some good love in his life, just as his brothers have found. The woman he takes a brief interest in seems off limits when he observes her at the gym. His wrong conclusion on the woman causes him to get off to the wrong start with her. And when he finds out that woman is none other than Julie and Juni’s friend Leslie he knows he has a rough road ahead of him. They’re partnered for his brother’s wedding and if he wants things to go smoothly he has to find a way to rectify their first meeting and convince Leslie he’s worth the chance.

The Scene:

Sleeping with Danger is part of the With Danger series book collection that is available on Amazon. Miguel is the youngest of the Sanchez Castor brothers and just as deliciously handsome, but his first impression on Leslie makes him seem like a jerk. When he realizes his attraction to her isn’t restricted and he’s ready to go in for the relationship he does not hold back his pursuit, not even when a yoga workout on the mountain has his adrenaline pumping fast and making him desire more than just a little yoga with this woman. They are on the mountain and he is edging closer, take a seven sentence look at Sleeping with Danger and then go get your copy from Amazon.

Sleeping with Danger

My 7 ~

“You’re going to fall off this mountain if you keep backing away from me.”

…She hadn’t realized she was that close to the edge. “Oh my God; thank you.” She shook her head before looking back to him. He still had that smoldering look of passion on his face. She wanted to explore where a look like that could go.

“It’s just a massage, one that could bring you great pleasure.”

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