Military men in fictional worlds always seem hot, smart, totally date-able. Yeah, it’s just fiction but those characters can definitely draw a reader into the world of steamy romance.

Some readers love the nine to five guy, the billionaire, the sports man, the blue collar worker and even the rancher.

The billionaire gets boring after a while for me. I’m not sure why, but he does. The sports guy never interested me in fictional books. The blue collar guy depends on what he’s doing and how well he’s written. Ranchers are fifty fifty but military men…now those I can keep reading.

Cops are okay too but if I could only pick one to read I would have, a couple months ago, said give me a Marine…until I ran into one in the real world that got on my nerves so much that I decided I’d rather not read about Marines right now. Yeah, real life sometimes impacts the fictional worlds I want to explore. Still, I would go for the military man on protective type style, not fighting a war kind of thing. I hate war books. If I wanted to read about war I could just read the news.

The great thing about fiction is escaping into other worlds. No matter how unreal those worlds might be, the escape that lets a person dive in, maybe even see themselves as the lead and the story leaves a person dreaming about what happens after the story ends is worth the fictional ride.

Do you have a favorite kind of leading man you like to explore in books?