Alexzandria Dumont never expected her decoration and design business to lead her into the arms of the sexy Major General Terrence O’Shea but one massive design on the ritzier side of town leads her to the Irish-American Army man who seems to have his mission set on getting this designer’s heart aimed at him only. When the situation turns hostile can Alexzandria find safety with this Army man, or will his growing love for her be the death of her?

Thursday Thirteen

“Wouldn’t that be odd for the living room?”

He shrugged. “I’d love it, but I suppose the bedroom would be better. Then again, I can think of a different pose for the bedroom.”

She looked at him and saw nothing less than determination in his eyes. She chuckled nervously. “Major General O’Shea I might just think you’re flirting with me.” She laughed again.

“Because I am,” he said point blank without any room for doubt. “I’m glad you finally noticed. And I do,” he moved a step closer to her; “intend on collecting on that artwork,” he winked at her. “That’s a promise.”

She exhaled slowly. This man was totally her type—if she had a type that was. He was nice, a true gentleman, sexy, gorgeous, tough, and beyond that he was an overall confident man. Confidence was everything because an unconfident man found excuses for not going after the woman he wanted while a confident man made a move without needing his hand held to do it.

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