Oh the joys of having neighbors who like to brag about their “better than you” life. Zylla finds herself locked in a world of trouble. She has no idea how she landed there or how she’s going to get out of it when not even the cops can figure it out. But when the sexy neighbor that all the women seem to want, Air Force sex on legs Braidin Cordova is seen helping her out far too many times the neighbors who never spoke to her can’t seem to stop just showing up at her house.

One unannounced visit from a bragging snobbish woman might just ignite the talk of the town in more ways than one.

After Midnight

~ After the Shower ~

Zylla was about to say something snappy of her own until she saw Kelly’s mouth drop wide open. She turned to see what the disruption of Kelly’s bragging privileges were when she caught sight of Braidin padding down the stairs barefoot as a river duck, sporting perfectly fitted dark blue jeans, and completely shirtless. His hair was wet and little droplets of water still clung to his skin as if he hadn’t bothered to wipe off the water post shower.

“Oh,” Kelly gasped. Her blue eyes widened and her peach shaped cheeks tightened.

“Ma’am,” Braidin said with a nod of recognition as he padded on back toward the kitchen. His shoulders were held firm. He had the posture of a man who had confidence bigger than an elephant and the courage of a tiger. He was not a man who fell on his knees because he radiated the stance that he would rather die on his feet than bow down to any fear.

“Oh my,” she said. “Well I guess you are um…busy.” Her eyes traced up and down Zylla’s body. It took a few seconds for Zylla to realize her attire, adorned in her mid thigh length knitted sweater in a raspberry red tone so thick that there was no way for Kelly to know she was wearing a pair of short shorts underneath. This wasn’t the time of year for shorts but Braidin had said he would be a while with work and she had put in some time sorting through her things to make sure nothing was missing. Of course there wasn’t anything missing. She would have heard the alarm go off if somebody had tried to break in again while she was at Braidin’s place.

Zylla imagined Kelly had already conjured up the fantasy of what she and Braidin were up to.

“Well, I’ll just go.” She nearly skipped toward the front hallway. Zylla was sure that woman was going to go tell all of her gossiping Betties about what she had seen and paint a picture of something decadent or a glowing realm of scarlet debauchery.

After Midnight will be out in March. Keep checking back here for more details on the first book in the Midnight Series. All books are standalone so there aren’t any cliffhangers to worry about waiting on a bridge to cross.

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