Zylla Allred may have had flight down to a science, but she cannot run from this. It will take a man who trains like a SEAL and flies like an angel to help this woman try to survive hell. If he fails, breathing may no longer be an option for her.


She didn’t have a second to tell him to wait before his lips went in for a delicious attack. His tongue delved into her mouth while his hands slid over her body, up and down until his fingers took hold of the hem of her sweater and pushed it up enough to attack the button of her shorts. She heard the clanging of the button as it hit the stone floor and then felt it when he swiftly pushed her shorts and her panties down a declivous journey to pool around her ankles. She didn’t have to worry about stepping out of them because when he lifted her smoothly one side dropped off and the other dangled on her ankle while she wrapped her legs around him for support.

His kiss didn’t break. He was a man on a mission and this mission had nothing to do with courting and everything to do with claiming.

After Midnight is coming March 2016 to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Keep checking back here for more details on this book and the Midnight series.