It’s My Sexy Saturday! Participating authors post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words.  For me it’s sentences from After Midnight.

After MidnightBlurb:

Ignorance is bliss, but sometimes deadly.

Zylla Allred may have had flight down to a science, but she cannot run from this. It will take a man who trains like a SEAL and flies like an angel to help this woman try to survive hell. If he fails, breathing may no longer be an option for her.

 The Scene:

A neighbor comes bragging and is about to find out exactly why Zylla isn’t dying of loneliness when the sexy neighbor who lives across the street comes down the stairs.

My Seven:

She turned to see what the disruption of Kelly’s bragging privileges were when she caught sight of Braidin padding down the stairs barefoot as a river duck, sporting perfectly fitted dark blue jeans, and completely shirtless. His hair was wet and little droplets of water still clung to his skin as if he hadn’t bothered to wipe off the water post shower.

“Oh,” Kelly gasped. Her blue eyes widened and her peach shaped cheeks tightened.

“Ma’am,” Braidin said with a nod of recognition as he padded on back toward the kitchen. His shoulders were held firm. He had the posture of a man who had confidence bigger than an elephant and the courage of a tiger. He was not a man who fell on his knees because he radiated the stance that he would rather die on his feet than bow down to any fear.

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