Art of DeceptionViktor Mozarov is a SWAT officer with a rocky protection road ahead. If he could surive the bratty Mira Hillsberg he might just get through the forced upon him job and still keep his shield. But Mira isn’t going to make it easy for him especially once she decides she wants that big, masculine body pressed up against hers in more ways than one. “Cuff me officer” are the words on the tip of her tongue. Will Viktor be able to resist her pull or will he show her that tempting a man can get her more trouble than she thought.

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A big body came to stand in front of her. He dropped to one knee, but he didn’t say anything. His hands clutched her upper arm and pulled her up. “No,” she struggled.”

“Shush,” he grumbled in anger. “I’m law enforcement. I’m here to help you.”

Her eyes were focusing on things now, including the dead body on the floor and the officer standing over him with a badge clipped to his belt. She looked at the man who had pulled her up. He wasn’t very tall. She estimated five nine at most because she was five-five and he wasn’t standing that much taller than her. He was also a bit chunky she would say. It wasn’t overweight in the true sense of the word, but she could tell he wasn’t solid muscle. He had a little extra cushion around his waist and stomach area. His arms were muscular, but nothing like the arms of somebody who looked like they lifted heavy weights all the time. This was law enforcement? Yeah, it was. Because everybody knew cops in real life looked nothing like the cops in romance books.

Her eyes drifted upward. Ocean green eyes peered at her as if he could distinguish exactly what she was thinking. He wasn’t a bad looking man—if he worked out some he could look even better. She shrugged off the thought. It didn’t matter. Somebody had just tried to kill her and they had just kicked in her door. How did they even know she was in trouble?

“Why are you here?”

He shook his head and let out a sarcastic snort. “Most people say thank you right about now.”

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