After Midnight is the first of the books in the Midnight series. All books are standalone.

Ignorance is bliss, but sometimes deadly. ~ After Midnight shows just how not knowing the situation can be life ending. Thankfully for my leading lady she has a military man keen on recognizing a threat with enough courage not to back down from the fight.

After Midnight

An ambulance ride to the hospital and an undeniably embarrassing moment later she became that girl—the one who had “that” panic attack. She became the one who had eyes on her like she was some freak of nature. Some said she just wanted attention, others said she was crazy. At the end of the day she hated the looks, the rumors, the lies. That one event had caused her to pack her bags and move north and more westward to get out of Texas and away from the onslaught of being “that” girl.

After Midnight

Zylla Allred may have had flight down to a science, but she cannot run from this. It will take a man who trains like a SEAL and flies like an angel to help this woman try to survive hell. If he fails, breathing may no longer be an option for her.

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