Netherland Dreams

Multicultural romance books full of hot men and the women who drive them wild.


Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen: Black Pearl

Alexzandria Dumont never expected her decoration and design business to lead her into the arms of the sexy Major General Terrence O’Shea but one massive design on the ritzier side of town leads her to the Irish-American Army man who seems to have his mission set on getting this designer’s heart aimed at him only. When the situation turns hostile can Alexzandria find safety with this Army man, or will his growing love for her be the death of her?

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Thursday Thirteen: The Heart of It

The Heart of It features one sexy Lieutenant Commander Dakota Trace Hampton who is hellbent on getting his daughter back after he returns home to find out is little girl is stuck in foster care. Here’s a look at how his meeting with the foster mother sets the stage for the tumultuous set of changes ahead.

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